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Many of our tools come with instructions. If you lost your instruction sheet, you can download a copy here.

We'll be adding more sheets over the next few months, so if the one you want isn't here today, it might show up the next day.

Black Powder Rocket Kits (1,441K pdf)

Bottle Rocket Kit (176K pdf)

Crossette Star Pumps (239K pdf)

End Burning Rocket Kits (305K pdf)

Extreme Performance Whistle Rocket Kits (336K pdf)

Gerb, Fountain and Wheel Drivers Tools (198K pdf)

Rocket Tube Waxing Kits (311K pdf)

Saxon Tooling (413K pdf)

Spindle Puller (108K pdf)

Star Plates (176K pdf)

Steve Laduke's Hybrid-Universal Rocket Kit (201K pdf)

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