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Custom Rocket Press

Are you tired of using those bottle jack presses? Need a reliable press that can do rockets, star plates, large comets etc.? Then this press is for you. This press will be the last one you will ever buy. Built of the finest components, every item chosen is for extreme duty. All hoses and fittings rated at 8000 PSI or more. Four color-coded leak-proof hydraulic disconnects make disassembly easy for transportation.

The safety shield is made of two sheets of polycarbonate for a total thickness of ¾". Machined aluminum blocks clamp the shield instead of simply drilling and tapping the plastic shield itself. Two ¼" thick hinges support the whole shield unit. Heavy-duty quick release latch holds the shield closed during pressing operations.

Power is supplied by a 1-HP Haldex pump preset to 2500 lbs giving you 17,671 PSI at the 3" diameter ram cylinder with an 8" stroke. Easy accessed relief valve on the pump lets you adjust the loading pressures of rockets, comets, star plates etc. to a predetermined level when pressing multiple rockets of the same diameter. Heavy duty power switch to shut off the pump during idle working times. Unit comes with a 12 foot power cord.

The main frame rails are 2" x 6" x ¼" thick structural steel that is 32" tall giving you the pressing room for items like the Clark's Fountain. Every 4" there is a welded step so you can easily adjust for different heights of rocket tooling. All welding is done by a certified welder and all critical surfaces are remachined after welding to make sure all the surfaces are square and true. The rails have a coat of primer and a finish coat of gray hammer-tone paint. There is 11" between the frame rails for pressing star plates.

A ¾" thick steel pressing stage is included along with a 2½" cylinder adaptor for general rocket pressing.

A 4" diameter pressure gauge is mounted at eye level that shows you hydraulic pressure delivered to the piston cylinder. Action is regulated by a log splitter valve. This type of valve was chosen for its long life and its ability to regulate piston speed from a slow creep to full speed.

The generous sized aluminum base plate has 4 drilled holes so the press can be mounted to a work station or bench.

You can see more pictures of this press on our gallery.

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I wanted to drop you a note and tell you thank you for such EXCELLENT tools! I made some 1lb., 3lb. and 6lb. gerbs for July fourth. They were FABULOUS! I made them with Perigrin's fuel formula. I had rammed them with a 2½lb. dead blow mallet. I alternated each increment so the effect was a pulsating gold to silver, to gold to silver, etc.

I also made some 1lb. core burners with red, silver, blue and green stars respectively. I used a fuel formula you suggested. What NICE rockets! Everyone loved them.

Thanks again for making such great tools and in so doing helping make my humble pyro efforts a resounding success!

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