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Pressure Conversion Gauges

Pressure Conversion Gauges

Pressure Conversion Gauges

Strobe rockets, whistle rockets, and other rockets that use whistle mix for propellant require a sturdy press that's capable of pressing with a force of up to 8800 P.S.I. This pressure conversion gauge reads the force that's being applied to the rocket tooling. An added note from Steve Laduke: If you want to know the correct loading pressure of say 6800 PSI on a 3/4" I.D. rocket multiply the square inch area of the rocket (.441 sq. inches) x 6800=2998 is what the gauge should read. That means no guesswork as to what cylinder size your press has and converting that information into useful working pressures for your tooling.

Different diameter rockets require different loading pressures. Simply look up the required loading pressure on the chart provided and place the pressure conversion gauge into your press. Press down on the pressure conversion gauge with the press's ram until you reach the required pressure. Set your press's pressure relief valve at this point and you're ready to go. If your press does not have a pressure relief valve, the reading on your press's pressure gauge is the pressure you would want to press to, to achieve optimum loading pressure on the rocket tooling. This eliminates the time consuming process of mathematically calculating the required loading pressure on your press. The pressure conversion gauge does it all for you.

Be sure to check our Rocket Pressure Pressing Conversion Formulas that show optimum pressing pressures for rockets using whistle type mixes.

I have also listed the actual pressures for both the Black Powder fuels and Whistle Mix fuels for each size rocket, and they are available in this pdf file.

Another tip: If you need a quicker reacting gauge, remove the black cap at the top of the gauge and pour out the glycerin. The gauge will react much faster especially in cooler climates.

This pressure conversion gauge is machined from solid 3" diameter aluminum and is built with Premium VITRON seals and a stainless steel 2½" diameter glycerin filled 0-10,000 P.S.I. pressure gauge. It is then tested for 18 hours at 4,000 P.S.I. for any leakage. The pressure conversion gauge comes completely assembled and ready for use. Each gauge comes with a chart showing the required pressure for various sized rockets.

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