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Spindle Puller

Spindle Puller

Spindle Puller

The increased loading pressures on rocket spindles make it difficult to remove the spindle from the loaded cases. By removing the base and attaching the spindle puller you can pull the spindle out of the loaded rocket case with ease.

Machined from 6061 aluminum with a knurled grip and two machined flats to grip in a vise for a stuck spindle. Tooling included is a threaded rod, nut, washer, and instructions on how to remove the spindle.

Special Modification on Spindles:

If you have an existing spindle from our tool line we can remove the pins and screw, clean the base and supply a new screw for your rocket spindle (Item 300-CL).

Download the instruction sheet here (108K pdf file).

1 lb Spindle Puller 300-1 SOLD OUT
2 lb Spindle Puller 300-2 SOLD OUT
3 lb Spindle Puller 300-3 SOLD OUT
4 lb Spindle Puller 300-4 SOLD OUT
6 lb Spindle Puller 300-6 SOLD OUT
Spindle Cleaning 300-CL SOLD OUT
I've just entered the world of amateur pyrotechnics and didn't know where to turn for tools. I'm so glad I found you guys! —Randy
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