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Bottle Rocket Kit

Bottle Rocket Kit

This novelty rocket item is for the beginner or even perhaps the seasoned pyrotechnician. A secondary use for these little rockets would be for shell inserts, such as flying fish or serpents. Adding a little salute powder to the top of the tube would certainly give these serpents a real bite!

Each kit comes with a spindle base, a spindle, 2 rammers, and a sample rocket case.

Download the instruction sheet here (176K pdf file).

Bottle Rocket Kit 265-0 $66.00
Rich, I purchased a 1lb rocket tool ... ah ... from ... ur ... Skylighter. Since then I have become much wiser and purchased other tools from you. My rocket tool didn't come with the nice niffty little end piece used to make the clay plug with hole at the end. Is it possible to purchase one of those for a 1lb rocket (¾" ID). If so how much? Thanks, Andy
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