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Bottle Rocket Kit

Bottle Rocket Kit

This novelty rocket item is for the beginner or even perhaps the seasoned pyrotechnician. A secondary use for these little rockets would be for shell inserts, such as flying fish or serpents. Adding a little salute powder to the top of the tube would certainly give these serpents a real bite!

Each kit comes with a spindle base, a spindle, 2 rammers, and a sample rocket case.

Download the instruction sheet here (176K pdf file).

Bottle Rocket Kit 265-0 SOLD OUT
Thanks for the excellent quality rocket tooling. I was an auto tech for 6 years and have a few hours of machining experience under my belt. Although I am not an expert I know good work when I see it. Unbeatable precision and quality. I love fireworks but most of my work is in high power rocketry. I like to fly frequently so I needed something I can take out to the field and fly my smaller models on and I think this will do just the trick! A++
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