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Extreme Performance Whistle Rocket Kits

Extreme Performance Whistle Rocket Kits

These whistle rockets were developed with the help of Jim Biersach. We started with a clean slate and the goal of seeing how much performance could be achieved with whistle mix. Starting with an extremely long spindle, we had nothing but chaos at the beginning. Gradually shortening the spindle after each test, we finally settled on a spindle length that gave a bullet-like performance - nothing but straight flight, with no rocket lay-over. Initial take off is like trying to watch a bullet. This is a real winner!

The kit comes with a stainless steel spindle and aluminum base. 4 oz and 8 oz kits come with 2 rammers, while 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 lb kits come with 3 rammers for proper length and a steel puller. We also recommend that you use a Spindle Puller with this tool.

Jim Biersach recently made a 4 oz. Extreme Whistle rocket using a 3-ton Arbor press. It flew like crazy. Needless to say, he was excited.

Download the instruction sheet here (336K pdf file).

4 oz Extreme Whistle Rocket Kit½"3½" 262-04 $73.00
8 oz Extreme Whistle Rocket Kit⅝"4" 262-08 $82.00
1 lb Extreme Whistle Rocket Kit¾"6½" 262-1 $98.00
2 lb Extreme Whistle Rocket Kit⅞"6½" 262-2 $103.00
3 lb Extreme Whistle Rocket Kit1"7½" 262-3 $106.00
4 lb Extreme Whistle Rocket Kit1¼"8½" 262-4 $163.00
6 lb Extreme Whistle Rocket Kit1½"10" 262-6 $195.00
Rich, I purchased a 1lb rocket tool ... ah ... from ... ur ... Skylighter. Since then I have become much wiser and purchased other tools from you. My rocket tool didn't come with the nice niffty little end piece used to make the clay plug with hole at the end. Is it possible to purchase one of those for a 1lb rocket (¾" ID). If so how much? Thanks, Andy
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