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Extra Large Comet Pumps

Extra Large Comet Pumps

Extra Large Comet Pumps

Similar in construction to the comet pumps, with the exception that the plunger is drilled and tapped because the coater needs to have a place to hang onto the plunger while dipping it in the tank for the Nituff coating. Since these large comets require several tons of pressure to compact the material, a hydraulic press is recommended for their production. These pumps are sized so the finished comets can be directly shot from 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch mortars. This produces a truly spectacular sight. All extra large comet pumps come Nituff coated.

Note: When ordering the 4½" or 5½" comet pumps, please allow at least six weeks for delivery since they are not kept in stock and must be made to order.

Tracer Forming Inserts: The set consists of 3 inserts that go in the 2½" comet pumps, with radii that fit 5, 6, and 8" shells. The inserts have a dome shape that presses into one end of the comet, making a cavity. The radius of the dome fits the shell perfectly so that there is full contact with the shell for maximum strength; this way, the tracer stays with the shell instead of flying off upon launch.

ProductStar SizeStockPrice
Extra Large Comet Pump2½" 232-212 SOLD OUT
Tracer Forming Insert2½" 232-212T SOLD OUT
Richard and family

I received my special tube supports and I have something you should know. WOW they are amazing and beautiful works of art

Your photos in your advertisement do not do your products justice

they fit my skylighter tubes perfectly

thank you again
Richard J
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