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Roman Candle Star Pumps

Roman Candle Star Pumps

A frustrating part of making your own Roman candle is watching half the star being consumed in the tube and only then being ejected into the air. This pump eliminates that. This pump forms a star with a 316" diameter hole through its entire length.

After the star is dried, simply insert a piece of black match into the hole. This ignites the star and transfers the fire to the lift charge, blowing the star from the tube.

All Roman candle star pumps come with Nituff coating.

Roman Candle Star Pump15"¾" 1116" 213-1 SOLD OUT
Roman Candle Star Pump18"1¼" 1⅛" 213-4 $62.67
I am amazed by the quality of the tools, now I know why you have such a reputable name, thank you again!
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