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Cavity Pumps

Cavity Pumps

This unique star pump will form a star with a generous cavity in one end. After drying, this cavity is filled with a different star composition. This presents all sorts of interesting possibilities, such as pumping the star from a glitter composition and after drying, filling the cavity with a color composition (red, green, etc.)

Such a star gives the impression of a red or green star leaving behind a glittering tail. The possibilities and combinations are endless, but I'll leave the rest up to you. All cavity pumps are coated with Nituff. Custom sizes are available.

Note: A word of caution on these pumps. The two compositions used in each star should be compatible with one another.

ProductStar SizeStockPrice
Cavity Pump½" 209-12 SOLD OUT
Cavity Pump¾" 209-34 $35.00
Cavity Pump1" 209-1 $50.00
Cavity Pump1⅛" 209-118 SOLD OUT
Cavity Pump1¼" 209-114 SOLD OUT
I really like your tool (1 lb hybrid black powder rocket tool).
Quality of material is awesome!!
Precision of the cut is perfect!!
Tool received in a CLEAN MUSEUM condition with all due respect to details!!
Customer service is more than perfect too!! (AGAIN; With all due respect to details!!)
BONUS: You're so Canadian friendly!!
What more can I ask?! :)
I hope to meet you at next PGI's convention!!
--Martin L.
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