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Comet Pumps

In general, the construction is similar to star pumps, but comet pumps are longer and have heavier sleeves. Operation is also similar to the star pumps with the exception that the star composition may have to be rammed with a mallet to properly compact the material and prevent crumbling after drying. All comet pumps come with Nituff coating. Custom sizes are available.

ProductStar SizeStockPrice
Comet Pump1⅛" 208-118 OUT OF STOCK
Comet Pump1" 208-114 $99.00
Comet Pump1" 208-112 $109.00
Comet Pump1" 208-134 $129.00
Comet Pump2" 208-2 $139.00
Hi Richard,

The precision time fuse cutter arrived yesterday.
Just a brief note to say, "Thank You" for what I would describe as a fantastic piece of manufactured genius. Worth every penny and will remain in the family for generations to come.

Thanks again,
Mark A.
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