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Cut Star Frames

Cut Star Frames

This is a proven and quick way of making large quantities of stars. The aluminum frame is machined to assemble and disassemble quickly. The operation is simply to spread a thin layer of prime in the bottom of the frame and add the damp star comp spreading out to fill all the corners. Top off with prime and press into damp star comp. Star comp is now primed on 2 sides.

Disassemble frame and cut comp into strips then into cubes. Prime the remaining sides and put stars aside to dry.

A tip to keep the star comp from sticking to the table is to spread a sheet of a new product from Reynolds Aluminum called RELEASE NON STICK aluminum foil. This stuff really works.

Available in the sizes listed below.

ProductStar SizeStockPrice
Cut Star Frame⅜" 204-38 $56.00
Cut Star Frame½" 204-12 $58.00
Cut Star Frame⅝" 204-58 $67.00
Cut Star Frame¾" 204-34 $70.00
Jim Biersach won the trophy two years in a row for best small rocket motor using my tooling for ¾" I.D. whistle in 2004 and 2005 at the PGII conventions.
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