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Black Powder Rocket Kits

If you're just starting out in pyrotechnics, black powder rockets are an ideal place to start. They are simple and require very little time to make yet they put on a great show. No complicated fuels or presses required, just a big mallet and you're in business. Spindles are machined from aluminum and coated with Nituff to resist wear and scratching from fuels containing titanium or other harsh elements. The 2 oz and 4 oz spindles are machined from stainless steel.

All spindles are permanently screwed and pinned to a 2½" square x ½" thick aluminum base to prevent loosening. All sets include 5 rammers (except the 2 and 4 oz sets which have 3 and 4 rammers respectively) and a puller handle to assist in removing the rammers from the case. All rammers also include a no pass line, which is machined directly into the rammer. Driving the rammer into the case beyond this line could cause the rammer to stick on the spindle and cause possible damage to the tool set. It is recommend that you use a Spindle Puller on any 4 lb. or 6 lb. black powder rocket. Formulas and instructions are included with each set.

Download the instruction sheet here (1,441K pdf file).

2 oz BP Rocket Kit⅜"2¾" 202-02 SOLD OUT
4 oz BP Rocket Kit½"5" 202-04 SOLD OUT
8 oz BP Rocket Kit⅝"6¼" 202-08 SOLD OUT
1 lb BP Rocket Kit¾"7½" 202-1 $103.00
2 lb BP Rocket Kit⅞"10" 202-2 SOLD OUT
3 lb BP Rocket Kit1"10" 202-3 SOLD OUT
4 lb BP Rocket Kit1¼"12" 202-4 SOLD OUT
6 lb BP Rocket Kit1½"16" 202-6 SOLD OUT
I got the strobe tooling today and I just wanted to tell you what a nice job you did on the tooling. Thanks again!—Kent Zimmerman
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