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Special Tube Support

Special Tube Support

The PVC tube supports work well for limited rocket production. As your production increases you look for better ways to increase your output.

This tube support is not your ordinary standard or bargain basement support sleeve. With this support sleeve you can forget all those hose clamps, wrenches and screw drivers. Simply drop in your tube, close the 2 halves, swing the lock bolts in place and tighten the 4 knobs. Made from solid aluminum and machined to fit your case exactly with no gaps. This is the Cadillac of tube supports.

If possible provide one sample case for proper fit.

Notice: All special tube supports will be made for Hobby Horse (NEPT) tubes unless specified otherwise.

2 oz Special Tube Support 194-02 $123.00
4 oz Special Tube Support 194-04 SOLD OUT
8 oz Special Tube Support 194-08 SOLD OUT
1 lb Special Tube Support (Thick Wall) 194-1K SOLD OUT
1 lb Special Tube Support (Thin Wall) 194-1N SOLD OUT
2 lb Special Tube Support 194-2 SOLD OUT
3 lb Special Tube Support 194-3 SOLD OUT
4 lb Special Tube Support 194-4 SOLD OUT
6 lb Special Tube Support 194-6 SOLD OUT
I want to thank you for the unbelievably quick turn-around on my orders of discs and 3" case former! Look out New Year's Eve! In all seriousness, it's too bad that all on-line companies of all types don't have your pride of workmanship sense of duty toward your customers.
John C
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