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Premium Star Gun

Premium Star Gun

Many star comps won't perform properly if the star is placed on the ground and ignited; most of the time all you see is a pile of ash. The star needs to fall through the air for the full effect to be seen. Star guns are especially valuable when making crossette stars to check burn time and break charges, saving much time building a shell and having poor performing stars.

There are 7 tubes on each plate. Sizes are for ⅜", ½", ⅝", ¾", 1", 1⅛", and 1¼" diameter stars. Each tube is 116" diameter over the star diameter and 9 times the star diameter in length.

Each tube is drilled for visco fuse. All tubes are welded to the base plate by a certified welder (no chicken poop welds on the units). All tubes are D.O.M. (drawn over mandrel) inside finish; there are no weld seams for the star to catch on like guns using common water pipe. Coated with rust-proof paint. Available in different colors.

Premium Star Gun 190-0 $80.00
Premium Star Gun 190-112 SOLD OUT
This GML made it intact and what a beauty it is!
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