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Star Plates

Star Plates

If you need to produce a lot of uniform stars of the same size, we've got the tools for you. Our star plates are machined from heavy aluminum plate and made to last. The 316" and ¼" plates have pins made of stainless steel; these are what we call core stars to roll bigger stars. All the other plates have aluminum pins. The stars they produce are great for aerial shells, Roman candles, cakes and more.

Free with every new order: We will send you the DVD, Star Making Troubleshooting. It gives a thorough look at techniques and answers all your frequently asked questions. We will also include a set of spacers.

Download the instruction sheet here (176K pdf file).

ProductStarsStar SizeStockPrice
Star Plate72316" 189-316 $296.00
Star Plate49¼" 189-14 $279.00
Star Plate49⅜" 189-38 $299.00
Star Plate49½" 189-12 $349.00
Star Plate35¾" 189-34 $389.00
I recently purchased some 1 1/8 comet pumps and a star gun. I used all 3 items and they performed perfectly. The extraction of the comets was amazingly easy. I will be using the comets to build a 16 inch shell and other projects. The quality of the tools is fantastic. THANK YOU.
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