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Stinger Missile Kits

Stinger Missile Kits

No fins, no stick, it's spin stabilized for a straight flight. Made and looks like a standard rocket motor, except for the vent hole drilled in the side of the rocket case. The rocket is ignited through this small hole by a piece of visco fuse. The exiting gas causes the rocket to start spinning, and as the flame burns into the core the rocket takes flight.

The tool kit comes complete with spindle/base assembly, 2 rammers, puller, and instructions. This kit does not include the optional stinger missile drill fixture, which is recommended for drilling the hole in the side of the rocket case. Tubes are a standard ¾" I.D. rocket tube cut down to 2½" to 3" long. Larger sizes are also available. Note: This rocket is not recommended for carrying large payloads because any payload that is unbalanced will result in erratic flight. The 4 lb and 6 lb kits come with 3 rammers. And kits 183-1, 183-2, 183-3, and 183-4 are all Nituff-coated on the spindles.

1 lb Stinger Missile Kit¾"3" 183-1 $70.00
2 lb Stinger Missile Kit⅞"3½" 183-2 $84.00
3 lb Stinger Missile Kit1"4" 183-3 $94.00
4 lb Stinger Missile Kit1¼"5" 183-4 $112.00
6 lb Stinger Missile Kit1½"6" 183-6 $147.00
Rich, I purchased a 1lb rocket tool ... ah ... from ... ur ... Skylighter. Since then I have become much wiser and purchased other tools from you. My rocket tool didn't come with the nice niffty little end piece used to make the clay plug with hole at the end. Is it possible to purchase one of those for a 1lb rocket (¾" ID). If so how much? Thanks, Andy
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