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Mixing Sieves and Screens

Mixing Sieves

Mixing Sieves

Mix up large batches of star composition or propellants in short order. Just run your fuels through these sieves and they come out a fine powder, no lumps and works just as well with oxidizers. WARNING: DO NOT SCREEN OXIDIZERS AND FUELS TOGETHER.

The screens are fastened to a wood frame of knot free pine, glued and fastened at the corners, and given two coats of shellac and sanded a smooth furniture like finish to prevent charcoal etc. from sticking to the surface. The frame is then finished with a wood molding over the edge of the screen wire to prevent pricked fingers. Replacement screen is available; please inquire. Note: After using oxidizers I recommend washing the screen in water to prevent oxidation of brass screen. Enquire about stainless steel wire.

Mixing Sieve2012"–12" 175-2012 SOLD OUT
Mixing Sieve4012"–12" 175-4012 SOLD OUT
Mixing Sieve6012"–12" 175-6012 SOLD OUT
Mixing Sieve10012"–12" 175-10012 SOLD OUT
I got the strobe tooling today and I just wanted to tell you what a nice job you did on the tooling. Thanks again!—Kent Zimmerman
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