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Steve Laduke's Hybrid-Universal Rocket Kit

Steve Laduke's Hybrid-Universal Rocket Kit

In 2002, Steve Laduke combined the Universal and Hybrid rocket kits into one design that encompasses 6 different rocket types: Strobe Rocket, Long Winded Screamer, Black Powder Motor, Hybrid Motor, Black Powder Whistle Assist Rocket, and Color Tail Rocket. We are the only company licensed by Steve to offer this particular kit. All come with updated formulas and instructions. Also included is a video that Steve made in 2001, in which he gives step-by-step instructions on how to build these rockets.

Kit consists of stainless steel spindle and aluminum base, and 4 aluminum rammers and puller. Currently available in the ¾" I.D. (1 lb.) and ⅞" I.D. (2 lb.) sizes. We would also like to recommend using a Spindle Puller with this kit. In dyno tests done by Steve Laduke on 1" I.D. (3 lb.) hybrid rockets the initial thrust was measured at 49 pounds easily capable of lifting a 6" ball shell with no problem.

Please note: Since most of these rockets have a type of whistle mix in them, these must be pressed and not rammed.

Download the instruction sheet here (201K pdf file).

1 lb Hybrid BP Rocket Kit¾"6½" 172-1 $143.00
2 lb Hybrid BP Rocket Kit⅞"⅞" 172-2 $163.00
3 lb Hybrid BP Rocket Kit1"8" 172-3 $192.00
4 lb Hybrid BP Rocket Kit1¼"10¼" 172-4 $310.00
6 lb Hybrid BP Rocket Kit1½"13" 172-6 $345.00
Today I received the package and I'm most satisfied. Excellent job on both plates, but especially the 300 pin 3mm variety!—Hans Nilsson
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