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Strobe Rocket Kits

You have seen them at past conventions, shooting skyward with that distinctive popping sound. Strobe rockets are a unique two part fuel rocket, utilizing both whistle and strobe fuel formulas. These rockets are more labor intensive to construct than black powder rockets.

They must be pressed, never hammered. This makes their construction difficult if you do not have access to a press.

The kit comes complete with a stainless steel spindle which is screwed and pinned to a square aluminum base, 3 rammers, puller, and instructions. We also suggest you use a Spindle Puller with this kit.

Master rocket builder Steve Laduke spent years developing these rockets, finally perfecting them in 2001. We are proud to offer his creations to you.

1 lb Strobe Rocket Kit¾"5" 169-1 SOLD OUT
2 lb Strobe Rocket Kit⅞"6" 169-2 SOLD OUT
3 lb Strobe Rocket Kit1"7" 169-3 SOLD OUT
4 lb Strobe Rocket Kit1¼"8" 169-4 SOLD OUT
6 lb Strobe Rocket Kit1½"10" 169-6 SOLD OUT
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