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Crossette Star Pumps

Crossette Star Pumps

Crossette Star Pumps

These stars require a little extra labor to compete, but well worth the labor for the return of such a spectacular show. As they are ejected from the shell, they burn as a common star would, after a few seconds they explode into 4-5 pieces filling the sky with color and light.

The tool is similar to a common star pump. However, the finished star has a cross-shaped cavity, which is loaded with a break charge. This cavity is then closed with a cardboard disc. The end and sides are then covered with a couple turns of Kraft paper. The opposite end is left bare, as it will be ignited by the break charge of the shell. As the star travels through the sky, the star burns toward the break charge, fire spits into the fuse hole (formed by the pump) and into the break charge, which bursts the star into 4 pieces. These stars add a lot of fullness to any shell. The stars can also be shot from mortars. Comes with complete instructions.

Rich developed this modification back in 1976, after seeing too many round crossettes going off in the sky with only half the stars breaking apart. After spending months figuring out all the angles and testing different configurations, he came up with this pump to make sure that when the star opens, it now pops into 4 equal parts.

Shown is a crossette pump with removable pin. It's easier to operate, with the added advantage of being able to change the star length with optional spacer rings.

Download the instruction sheet here (239K pdf file).

Crossette Star Pump¾" 150-34 SOLD OUT
Crossette Star Pump1" 150-1 SOLD OUT
Crossette Star Pump1⅛" 150-118 SOLD OUT
Crossette Star Pump1¼" 150-114 SOLD OUT
Crossette Star Pump1½" 150-112 SOLD OUT
Crossette Star Pump1¾" 150-134 SOLD OUT
Crossette Star Pump2" 150-2 SOLD OUT
Crossette Star Pump2½" 150-212 SOLD OUT
I visited your website yesterday and was literally blown away. You have very impressive pyro tooling. I hope to be ordering some in the near future!—R. Chris Cope
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