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Saxon Tooling

Saxon Tooling

Saxons are revolving ground pieces that give off showers of color sparks. They generally consist of 2 heavy wall cases such as those used for rockets, connected together by using a wooden dowel in the center to act as a central pivot point. The Saxons are then fastened to a 2" x 4" post by a nail so they can spin rapidly emitting sparks.

To achieve the greatest effect and prevent the paper case from burning through, the "A" rammer has a cone shaped nipple to form a pocket in the clay plug. Making sure the vent hole is drilled correctly will give the Saxons the correct spin rapidly emitting showers of sparks. Saxons really make a great show when set off in groups of 2 or more.

Tool set consist of nipple and base combination, two rammers, formulas for various effects and instructions on vent layout and fusing.

Download the instruction sheet here (413K pdf file).

ProductSizeTube Dia.StockPrice
Saxon Tool Set1 lb.For ¾" I.D. x 7½" tubes 206-1 SOLD OUT
Saxon Tool Set2 lb.For ⅞" I.D.x 10" tubes 206-2 SOLD OUT
Saxon Tool Set3 lb.For 1" I.D. x 12" tubes 206-3 SOLD OUT



GARLAND, the best name in Rawhide mallets. Protect your tools against marring. Great for ramming rockets, gerbs, compacting large stars etc. Rawhide heads permanently attached to hardwood handles that will give many years of service.

Note: Prices may change without notice as I have to buy these hammers from a supply house and I cannot control the prices. I will sell you the hammers for whatever my supplier charges me. Please allow 3 to 4 extra days on delivery for the hammers.

ProductSizeFace Dia.StockPrice
Rawhide Hammer916 lb1¾" 9508-A14 $16.50
Rawhide Hammer1116 lb2" 9508-A15 $24.00
Rawhide Hammer1½ lb2¾" 9508-A16 $40.00
I received the star plate today, very impressive, what a great high quality product. I'll be ordering more of these in the future. :)
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