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Gerb and Fountain Tools

Gerb, Fountain and Wheel Drivers Tools

Gerb, Fountain and Wheel Drivers Tools

A combination tool that can be used to produce one or all of the above items depending on the formulas used. The kit is supplied as a complete tool set consisting of a Nituff-coated nipple mounted on a square aluminum base (except 4 oz & 8 oz which are stainless steel nipples), 2 rammers, and a puller. The nipple diameter is approximately 1/3 the case I.D.

Two rammers are supplied, the first having a tapered tip to form the clay nozzle and the first 2 or 3 increments of propellant. The second rammer is used to charge the remainder of the tube and to top it off with a clay plug. This would complete your gerb, fountain, or wheel driver.

Download the instruction sheet here (198K pdf file).

ProductCase SizeStockPrice
Gerb Combo Tool Set½" x 5" 181-04 $54.00
Gerb Combo Tool Set⅝" x 6¼" 181-08 $63.00
Gerb Combo Tool Set¾" x 7½" or 9" 181-1 $78.00
Gerb Combo Tool Set⅞" x 10" 181-2 $84.00
Gerb Combo Tool Set1" x 10" or 12" 181-3 $98.00
Gerb Combo Tool Set1¼" x 12" 181-4 $134.00
Gerb Combo Tool Set1½" x 12" to 16" 181-6 $178.00

Clark's Steel Fountain Kit

Clark's Steel Fountain Kit

This item is mentioned in American Fireworks News (July 2001). It will truly knock your socks off. The fountain sprays a massive column of sparks as high as 70 feet into the air. It uses a 2" I.D. x 20" long tube with a wall thickness of 1". Please see our Pyro Links page for paper tubes for this fountain. This tool set does away with drilling out the center core; a stainless steel spindle, much like that of a traditional black powder rocket kit, forms the core.

The tool set consists of a stainless steel spindle with a large aluminum base, 4 aluminum rammers, a spindle puller to remove the spindle after ramming, and a puller for the rammers. As mentioned in the AFN article.

ProductTube I.D.StockPrice
Clark's Steel Fountain Tool Kit2" 249-0 $410.00

Clark's Fountain Nozzle & Drill Fixture

Clark's Fountain Nozzle & Drill Fixture

John Sagaria and I designed the nozzle and drill fixture to solve a problem that has plagued the Clark's fountain builders in the past. It puts an end to the blown nozzle that sometimes happens due to high internal pressures. The nozzle support system was engineered to stop the problem of the clay nozzle being blown out of the case upon ignition. The kit consists of one machined aluminum drill fixture that is held in place by 4 bolts drilled through the case and fastened into the aluminum nozzle support. The nozzle support sits in direct contact against the rammed clay nozzle (see picture below).

Fountain nozzle in cardboard mortarTo ensure correct hole locations the kit comes with a drill fixture machined from a solid piece of aluminum that fits over the end of the case and is held in place by two screws. Four guide holes in the fixture pilot your drill to correctly position the 4 holes that hold the support in place. Each kit comes with 1 aluminum nozzle support which is reusable for your next fountain and 1 drilling fixture. Also included are the 4 screws that hold the support nozzle in place (drill not included). John Sagaria has a video out showing how to use the product.

ProductTube I.D.StockPrice
Clark's Fountain Nozzle and Drill Fixture2" 250-1 $130.00
Clark's Fountain Nozzle2" 250-2 $25.00
Clark's Fountain Drill Fixture2" 250-3 $107.00

Case Extenders

Case Extenders

In order to use as much of those expensive rocket, gerb, fountain, or driver cases as you can, you ram the composition as high as possible and then find you have more loose clay than you have open tube. Sound familiar? A simple case extender adds extra inches to the case and provides a built in funnel, which helps keep the work area neat.

Each case extender is machined from aluminum with a small step that drops over the top of the case. It can be easily removed for the pressing operation.

Note: At this time I have not found a reasonable priced tube that can be used for the 4 lb. (1¼" I.D.) case support. I will keep looking.

Notice: All special tube supports will be made for Hobby Horse (NEPT) tubes unless specified otherwise.

Case Extender½"4 oz. 630-04 $23.00
Case Extender⅝"8 oz. 630-08 $27.00
Case Extender (Thin Wall)¾"1 lb. 630-1N $31.00
Case Extender (Thick Wall)¾"1 lb. 630-1K $31.00
Case Extender⅞"2 lb. 630-2 $44.00
Case Extender1"3 lb. 630-3 $45.00
Case Extender1¼"4 lb. 630-4 $68.00
Case Extender1½"6 lb. 630-6 $89.00

I wanted to drop you a note and tell you thank you for such EXCELLENT tools! I made some 1lb., 3lb. and 6lb. gerbs for July fourth. They were FABULOUS! I made them with Perigrin's fuel formula. I had rammed them with a 2½lb. dead blow mallet. I alternated each increment so the effect was a pulsating gold to silver, to gold to silver, etc.

I also made some 1lb. core burners with red, silver, blue and green stars respectively. I used a fuel formula you suggested. What NICE rockets! Everyone loved them.

Thanks again for making such great tools and in so doing helping make my humble pyro efforts a resounding success!

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