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1939 - 2018

Rich Wolter

In the last week of October, Rich Wolter succumbed to complications arising from a long-standing heart condition. With him went a husband, a father of three, and a friend of many. With him also went an example of a respected tradition of craftsmanship and hard work.

Rich may be gone, but his legacy remains with us. He will be remembered not only by his family and friends, but by those who carry on his tradition—by those crafts-men and -women who work with dedication and skill to create something wondrous in the night sky, those flaming, crackling displays of exuberance and laughter and love of country. Like the fireworks we enjoy, Rich too had his time in the sky: a mere sparkle amid the earth's immense history, but wonderful all the same. He will be missed, and he will be remembered. And the next time you light off a rocket, you might offer up a little message: "This one's for you, Rich."

Going Out of Business

It was bound to happen.

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