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Precision Time Fuse Cutter

Precision Time Fuse Cutter

For pyrotechnicians who need absolutely accurate shell and effect timing. This precision time fuse is cutter-copied from a design by Tom Rebenklau who inspired this tool with his roundel rockets.

The fuse length is precision-measured by a ⅜" diameter brass measuring screw that has 32 threads per inch.

Each turn of the aluminum handle increases the fuse length by 132 of an inch or fraction thereof. It's great for roundel shell effects or indoor pyro effects etc. A red oak covered aluminum handle holds a double-ended utility knife blade. As the fuse is cut, it's held against the brass adjusting screw and supported along its length for a square cut. The tapered shape of the cutoff knife packs the powder core to limit powder lost during handling. After cutting the fuse, touch prime the ends with N.C. lacquer and meal powder.

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I just wanted to say thank you very much for the "extra" I got when I received my recent order. The mug is very nice and I will certainly put it to good use. I also wanted to thank you, in general, for your overall customer service. This is only my second order, however I couldn't be happier with your service and cant see myself spending money anywhere else. Not only are your prices excellent, but your products are top notch. What else could a budget pyro (or pro for that matter) need? Thanks sooooo much!!! -Timothy R.
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