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Fireworks Bank

Fireworks Bank

The Etruscan Money Pot has been popular for over 2,000 years. You can fill the Fireworks bank with your extra change from time to time. Once it is filled tradition holds that you smash it while making a wish, then spend the money on good things. (I will be cheating here a little bit by putting an opening in the bottom of the bank, but you could still make the wish and break the bank.)

The banks are approximately 9½" tall x 5" wide. They are made of high fire stoneware clay, have a milky white glaze, hand cut letters and Greenman, all hand painted. Made in USA by Claudia Wolter. USA Delivery only. 4-6 weeks delivery if not in stock.

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Received the rocket cone former(s), template and hammer today. I had no idea you were sending me TWO formers? I thought I'd be receiving a single "standard" cone! You are very, very nice to provide me with two different-pitched choices. Like the rocket tooling, they look like pieces of sculpture–lacquered/poly'd, too! And the kraft template examples–that's something you didn't have to do. I'm impressed; you do very fine work. I'd highly recommend you. Seriously, If I owe you some more money, please let me know! -Dan
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