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Chip Board Discs
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For over forty years, Rich Wolter and family have designed and built high quality, yet reasonably priced tools for both professional and amateur pyrotechnicians. Blending old world craftsmanship and modern technologies, they produce the finest quality pyrotechnic tooling available today.

Rich Wolter

Many PGI members have already known Richard Wolter for years, but perhaps for the newcomer a little background... more

Claudia Wolter

Claudia is known to customers as the voice of Wolter Pyro Tools. She is the one who is... more

Rich Wolter Jr.

Rich Jr. has been machining for 4 years behind the scenes for his father on the pyro... more

Star Plates and Roman Pumps

Roman Candle Star PumpGuess what came back in stock?

New DiscS in Town

Chip Board DiscsBrand new sizes, same old quality.

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Special Nozzle Support and Drill Fixture “I have purchased many quality products here. For those interested in building this project the custom...” More


Special Tube Support “Top sheft with nothing to compare.” More

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